What Is Vaping?

What is Vaping? The actual definition of Vaping is:  “To inhale water vapour into the lungs”. Our definition:  Vaping is the best way for you to finally enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes and put down those analogs!  It really works!

Sure, it sounds pretty innocent, doesn’t it?  So, exactly what is this “vaping thing all about?  Well, Vaping with electronic cigarettes (Ecigs) is more a lot more enjoyable than smoking regular analog cigarettes and is totally the best idea that has come along in years!  I just can’t believe it took such a long time for someone to come up with the ecigs.

Do you want to vape electronic cigarettes? Have you thought about it over and over again and just can’t put down the analog cigarettes? Well, you’re going to learn something new here!

An Ecig, also known as an Electronic Cigarette, is a device that usually looks, feels, acts and tastes like a real cigarette.  It provides you with nicotine, the act of smoking and is powered by a rechargeable battery. Ecigs don’t actually burn any tobacco or anything else.

There is no “fire”. It only heats up the e-liquid, which turns it into water vapour and you then inhale it, just like a cigarette.  Believe us, it works!

This is called “Vaping”. The vapour is very similar to smoke, but it’s only water vapor.  You get the same feel as if you are actually smoking, a real throat hit, you still are putting a device in your mouth like a cigarette and you are even blowing smoke (vapour) out of your mouth like a cigarette and you get your “fix”, just like a real one.

So, what is vaping actually good for?

Relaxation, pleasure and meditation.  It’s a way for you to just get away or zone out for a little while during the day and get your nicotine fix while not actually smoking.

You can even vape at work!  I wouldn’t recommend you make it totally known, but think about it.  You can vape in the restroom, a closet or anywhere that you are kind of by yourself.  It’s not a cigarette, so your not actually breaking any company policies or rules.

Need more?  Still Saying To Yourself, What Is Vaping?

What is vaping?  It is so much like smoking, but you’re not using any tobacco or getting any tar or other of the dangerous additives that are in cigarettes. Also, you don’t have to worry about producing any second hand smoke for others to breathe. The vapour doesn’t have the smell of cigarettes and it evaporates into the air in about 3 or 4 seconds.

What about the cost?  Vaping works out to be about half of what cigarettes cost!  There’s one more reason to vape, instead of smoking cigarettes (dejar de fumar).  Still want to learn more? 

Here are some advantages of E-cigs:

·         No More Bad/Smoker’s Breath

·         No More Offensive Smoke

·         No Ash

·         No Fire / No Flame

·         Cheaper than Cigarettes

·         More Cost Effective/Saves Money

·         No Butts

·         Less Waste

·         Smoking Alternative\Alternative to Smoking

·         Non –intrusive

·         Smoke More Freely

·         Smoke “almost” Anywhere

·         No Social Stigmas

·         Provides an Authentic Smoking Experience

We can promise you that after a week or so of vaping, you will not even enjoy smoking a regular cigarette.  They will taste bad and the smoke will actually bother you when you inhale it into your lungs. You will soon be able to smell things, taste things and will be coughing a lot less.


Now, are you ready to start Vaping?  You will enjoy it much more than analog cigarettes.  Will you put down those cigs for good?